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Once the compilation phase is over, the only thing left is to publish the book onto the best possible platforms so that others can read it and go through your ideas for their knowledge. However, things aren’t that simple as there are quite a few technicalities that go into the publication process. Grab this chance to explore our premium book publishing services and work along with skilled field experts to get your book published.

Explore a wide array of book publishing options through our book publishing service. We get your book published on various platforms such as on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository and Books A Million (BAM), etc. At Ghostwriters Clique, we ensure implementing regular control checks for top quality at work. We endeavor to make each and every process carried out fluently and appropriately to please our valued clients.

With us, you can also be convinced that your book publishing worries put to rest. We provide the most exemplary book publishing service as per your requirements. We succeed in producing the best of the best and thus, we always look at the bigger picture. Your ideas, layouts, suggestions, and illustrations are for us to take care of and make it all a reality. With Ghostwriters Clique, you can be at ease in knowing that your time and money are our utmost priority, therefore, our services are affordable and swift in serving our clients. So what are you waiting for? Make haste and avail our affordable publication services!

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Process We Follow

Step 01

Draft Submission

The client submits the draft along with a set of instructions about editing, proofing and publishing.

Step 02

Editing & Proofreading

We edit the book in tandem with the writing progress. Once written, edited and proofread, we carry out a critical review, proofreading, and corrections.

Step 03

Formatting & Typesetting

We format the book extensively, adding fonts images, illustrations, and graphical details according to the context.

Step 04

Book Designing

The book is professionally designed, with front and back covers, blurbs, author’s bio, table of contents and disclaimer.

Step 05

ISBN, Publishing,
& Distribution

We get ISBN codes for clients who go for print versions. The approved and designed book is aligned for publishing in client’s required formats.

Reasons to Choose Ghostwriters Clique

Our team of proofreaders and editors creates well-researched, appropriately formatted, and user-friendly content that flows well.

Our clients are important to us, which is why we promise to go easy on your pocket and deliver the best quality services at incredible and unmatchable prices.

We make sure to get all our books thoroughly checked and reviewed through multiple editorial reviews by qualified industry leading editors.

Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you in your book writing situation and aims to deliver you a suitable writer, editor and proofreader who will be there for you throughout the process.

Upon successful publishing, we ensure that your book is registered on an international scale without having to take any pains. Upon your request, we will get an ISBN registration for your book.

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