Content Proofreading

Creating content involves a lot of creativity. One may be an extraordinary writer with a vast vocabulary, but there must have been times when you scratched your head thinking where to put that comma or how to structure the end of that sentence. So chances are that you may not be able to spot your own blunders, even the tiniest or minutest of them. That is where the help of a proof-reader who has a good pair of trained eyes for spotting these errors comes in.

An expert proofreader makes sure that your content doesn’t go haywire and it meets your expectations in terms of readability and comprehensibility. Even the slightest of errors may sometimes prove to be the severest ones, if not edited with precision. Proofreading involves a final reading of the text to make sure all edits were made and no new errors were introduced into the manuscript during the editing stages. Our proofreaders will look for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization, as well as conformity to the style of writing required.

Turning in a document with errors is embarrassing as you create a bad image in the mind of the reader. Hire the expert proofreading services at Ghostwriters Clique, so that we are able to provide you with a professionally proofread document. Our services cover all aspects of grammar and readability. Whether it’s a one-page article, a hundred-page website, or a thousand-page eBook, we can give your document a professional touch.

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Process We Follow

Step 01

Draft Submission

The client submits the draft along with a set of instructions about editing and proofing.

Step 02

Detailed Reading
& Perusing

We assign a proofreader to the project who would thoroughly read and review the draft with a keen eye for mistakes.

Step 03

Fixing Errors

The proofreader corrects all typos and flaws, and peruses the manuscript one more time to make sure that it is error-free.

Step 04

Plagiarism Check

The document is run on standard software such as Grammarly, Copyscape, and Hemingway for 100% error-free results.

Step 05


After proofreading, the document is finalized and is sent to the client for a final look before getting it aligned for publishing.

Reasons to Choose Ghostwriters Clique

We have an expert team of professional Proofreaders who are well aware of proofreading writing pieces of all genres, be it related to business or literature.

Our clients are important to us, which is why we promise to go easy on your pocket and deliver the best quality writings at incredible and unmatchable prices.

Place an order with us now, and our creative wordsmiths will be on it, with all the essential resources at our fingertips to carry out any necessary research, craft your piece and get it delivered to you in no time.

Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you in your book writing situation and aims to deliver you a suitable writer, editor and proofreader who will be there for you throughout the process.

Based on your requirements and the category or genre of your document, we assign an experienced proofreader to your project so that your project is handled by an expert.

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